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Life is a Project

"Life is a Project: How are you managing?" is a new book recently published by Jim Milliken. If you like the blog, you will like the book.

This book will help us make more out of our days by focusing on the do-able actions that create the changes and results we want. Through stories and examples, Milliken shows us that a better life doesn’t have to be difficult.

From the Foreword by Andy Crowe, PMP
Author of Alpha Project Managers and
CEO and founder of Velociteach:

When I read “Life Is a Project,” my first thought was “where was this book twenty-five years ago?” The amount of heartache and headache it could have saved me would have been priceless. At the very least, I would probably have less gray hair and a less-furrowed brow today, not to mention the other people it would have helped!

With chapter titles like:

  • Sit in the Garbage and Sing
  • Screwing Up is Quicker
  • Ghostly Minutes & Hours
  • A Punch in the Nose

You know this is going to be an entertaining, learning experience. So if you want to increase your personal productivity,

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