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Monday, February 22, 2010

When You Really Decide to Change

We walk backwards into the future. It is nigh impossible to shake the supposition that today will be pretty much like yesterday, and tomorrow will be more of the same.

This comforting cocoon stifles growth and muffles our perception of opportunity as well as our awareness of danger. It disguises the long-term erosion of our prospects because there rarely is any particular pain or undue discomfort.

To carry further the Personal Productivity idea introduced yesterday, try this three-step process:

1. Spend a little time working up a single-statement Strategic Decision for where you’ve determined your life is going to go, avoiding dependency upon factors you can’t control.

2. Make clear decisions about three specific actions you’re going to take in the next week to further that strategy.

3. Track your progress as the week unrolls, and at its end, then repeat the procedss for the succeeding week.

It would be great if people who try this – or have worked with a similar system -- drop a note to the rest of us by commenting on this post. Victory and defeat, as Roosevelt says, both can be glorious when you did it all yourself.

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