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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Good, the Bad & the Must-Have

I've joined the Project Manager Networking Group, and discovered some interesting thoughts on the discussion board.

One Project Manager started this discussion, and it's interesting that along the way the comment exchange got a little heated . . . sort of like a few moments in your typical Project.

The title of the discussion was "5 Things about Being a Project Manager -- 5 Things I Love, 5 Things I Hate, 5 Things I Must Have."

Here are my contributions:

Five things I love about being a Project Manager:
1. This is a common-sense profession that makes tough stuff possible.
2. Serious people jump on Project Management once they understand it.
3. All workplace issues become clearer through this lens.
4. You can't beat the satisfaction when you pull off something everyone said was impossible.
5. The job needs and encourages real teamwork.

Five things I hate about being a Project Manager:
1. Too many functional managers won't give it a chance.
2. There is too much risk aversion in most of us.
3. Everybody's attention span is too short.
4. Few understand that minimal adequate documentation makes it work and makes it permanent.
5. The real issues in getting things done often are avoided or unexplored.

Five things I can't live without as a Project Manager:
1. The opportunity to practice the profession.
2. At least one other open mind at the start of a Project.
3. Patience.
4. Tolerance.
5. Sustained enthusiasm.

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